Baby Bloomers

Aqua Farm Bummies
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Aqua Farm Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Mauve Floral Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Plum Floral Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Donuts Bummies
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Donuts Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Hot Air Balloons Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Floral Flamingo Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Ocean Rainbow Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Aqua Nautilus Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Ghost Paper Bag Bloomers $5.00 USD $9.99 USD
Red Tartan Plaid Bummies $3.00 USD $6.99 USD
Gray Lace Bloomer
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Gray Lace Bloomer $2.00 USD $5.99 USD
Purple Lace Bloomer $2.00 USD $5.99 USD
Pink Lace Bloomer
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Pink Lace Bloomer $2.00 USD $5.99 USD
Lavender Lace Bloomer $2.00 USD $5.99 USD
Hot Pink Lace Bloomer $2.00 USD $5.99 USD
Black Lace Bloomer $2.00 USD $5.99 USD
Girls Clothing Hut carries a wide variety of boutique baby bloomers & bummies. We offer a bummie with a flat style waist and a paper bag bloomer with a ruffle style waist. Additionally, we carry lace bloomers for those times your baby girl needs an extra fancy diaper cover.